“I’m tired.” “It’s too late.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Are common excuses almost every employee has resorted to at some point in order to avoid work. It’s natural to feel unmotivated sometimes and inevitably dish out such excuses to put work off. But it’s important to understand that one has…

Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it.

Evolution of Employee Recognition:

Although there is not one single event that highlights the scope of workplace recognition, some form of rewards could be found in ancient Greece during the first Olympic where the winners of the events were awarded prizes, including horses, laurel (or olive) leaf crowns and bronze tripods. These athletes were…

Transform your employee engagement with AI

Employee Engagement is top of mind for leadership teams, and companies are willing to find ways to keep their employees engaged and motivated as time and again it is proved to lead to employee productivity.

How many times an employee participates in any group activity alone doesn’t signify the employee’s…

Karan Singh

Welcome! My blogs are mainly centered around employee engagement, satisfaction & health. Hope you like my content. Cheers!

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